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Quasi / Featuring "Birds" (Sold Out)
(plus R&B Transmogrification)
Up Records 40 (1997)(US) Original issue Record. Quasi's second release, "R&B Transmogrification", is filled with indie-pop gems
buried under layers of textured sound, bringing to mind the best work of Up labelmates Built to Spill. There has never been a better
time for being a world-weary cynic than the late '90s, and no one does it better than Quasi. "Featuring Birds" is the perfect blend
of pop and pessimism and is Chock full of fuzzy keyboards, aggressive drums and a lifetime's supply of dark humor.
The two Records and Cover are in excellent (Mint-) condition (both records are in "Featuring Birds" cover)...$20.00 (SOLD 02/13)

Quasi Featuring      Quasi Featuring


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