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The Residents / The Third Reich 'N Roll
Ralph Records RR-1075 (1976)(US) Standard issue Record on Black vinyl. If there's any concept on the album "The Third Reich 'N Roll",
it's that the brain-numbing catchiness of pop music was fascism in disguise, keeping teenyboppers docile while selling them rebellion,
hence the cover art of a gestapo-uniformed Dick Clark holding a carrot. Two side-long medleys of songs both classic ("Papa's Got a
Brand New Bag") and obscure ("Telstar") are destroyed, deconstructed, mangled, spat on, spit out, ground up and injected with humor.
The Record and Cover are in great (Very Good++) condition (2nd Issue with Gray carrot and split-a Ralph Records logo)...$25.00

The Residents Third Reich 'N Roll lp
Residents Duck Stab Red Vinyl lp
The Residents / Duck Stab (Red Vinyl) (Sold Out)
Ralph Records RZ-8006 (1977RE)(US) Reissue Record on Red colored vinyl. It was with "Duck Stab" that the Residents perfected,
for one brief moment, the dark, mysterious twisted pop song that raised their profile in the experimental music scene
and college radio world. Like Brian Eno, The Residents' lyrics are more about the sound of the words than the meaning.
The Record and Cover are in nice (Very Good+ to Very Good++) condition...$25.00 (SOLD 11/08)

The Residents / Eskimo
Ralph Records ESK-7906 (1979)(US) Standard issue Record on Black vinyl. Apparently a musical documentary on the Eskimo, this is
an album of icy atmospheres, poetic electronics, and imaginary landscapes, concocted around a loose narrative told in the liner notes.
The Record and Gatefold Cover are in excellent (Very Good++ to Mint-) condition...$25.00

Residents Eskimo lp
Residents Diskomo Goosebumps EP lp
The Residents / Diskomo ~ Goosebumps (12" EP) (Sold Out)
Ralph Records RZ-8006 (1980)(US) Standard issue 12" Record EP. Just to show fans that they had not gone totally serious after
the release of their epic "Eskimo", they turned right around and released a disco version of the main themes of the album,
making fun of the waning years of the disco craze.
The Record and Cover are in nice (Very Good+) condition. Record looks great but cover shows some wear...$10.00 (SOLD 11/08)

The Residents / Mark of the Mole (Sold Out)
Ralph Records RZ-8152 (1981)(US) Standard issue Record. This is some of the grimmest, most inharmonious, rough hewn music the band
has set down on record, with a grinding piece called "It Never Stops" summing up the tone of the record perfectly. Perversely, there is
much to enjoy in this trip to the group's dark side, and the album's resolution truly feels like a breath of fresh air.
The Record and Cover (in shrinkwrap) are in excellent (Mint-) condition...$15.00 (SOLD 11/08)

Residents Mark of the Mole lp
Residents Residue of The Residents lp
The Residents / Residue of The Residents
Ralph Records RZ-8302 (1983)(US) Standard issue Record. "Residue of The Residents" Contains many rarities including "Kamikaze Lady"
from their unreleased "Baby Sex" album, a remix of "Diskomo", the first appearance of their ugly, stomp-heavy, homoerotic take on
"Jailhouse Rock" and their most overt political song (for them) "Saint Nix" (as in Richard Nixon).
The Record and Cover are in excellent (Very Good++ to Mint-) condition...$15.00

The Residents / Pal TV LP (Red Vinyl)(Import)
Doublevision Records DVR-17 (1984)(UK) Import issue Record on Red colored vinyl. The "Pal TV LP" features four tracks from each LP
"The Mole Show" Live and "Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats". The Record and Cover are in great (Very Good++) condition...$40.00

Residents Pal TV LP Red Vinyl Import
Residents The Big Bubble Part Four of The Mole Trilogy lp
The Residents / The Big Bubble (Part Four of The Mole Trilogy)
Ralph Records RZ-8552 (1985)(US) Standard issue Record on Black vinyl. "The Big Bubble" is the Residents recreating the sound of
imaginary musicians, putting on the appearance of a rock band (as they tell it), the first Chub-society rock band to play indigenous
Mole music. The Record and Grateful Cover are in excellent (Very Good++ to Mint-) condition...$20.00


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